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Is Social media Marketing Worth Trying?

Why exploring social media when you could stick to link exchanges, search advertising, and editorial ads on relevant sites as a marketing channel? The question must have often peeped into your mind. After all, social media is no pot boiler, at least not directly. Every business that aspire to expand and become successful online, needs [...]

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PPC – Cost effective Online Promotion!

At the present hour, there cannot be a better place than internet to advertise and promote a business. A well designed website goes a long way in establishing brand identity and creating global promotion. From mailers, article marketing, to social media – internet has opened up a whole new world of advertising and PPC is [...]

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The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

There are still billions of websites which can’t be found with their business or service related keywords. Websites relating to government institutions or administration, non-profit organizations, local police etc. are good candidates who rarely think about SEO. You would be amazed to see the number of unoptimized websites or docs – if you make a [...]

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