Too Many Negative Reviews About Your Company or Business?

How would you feel, if you Google your brand name or Company name and you find negative ratings or reviews? Imagine your potential clients finding this!

No matter, whether it is a fake or a real negative review – it does make a difference in your social branding. It will affect your business since it portrays negative realitiesabout your business.

The sad part is that even though businesses are aware of the existence of such negative reviews and ratings, they apparently do not have any control on such pages.

No, you no longer have to sit back and watch the negativity leaving an impact on your business because there is a way out!

It’s true that negative content or reviews can be written by anyone about your business. It does hamper the online reputation of a company, since a single negative review or feedback can push away several customers within seconds. The brand loses its trust and credibility. Though there is no way to remove such content or reviews until the reviewer takes it down, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it.

Social Branding Services Do Make a Difference

Social branding techniques can be used to improve social branding and can help in securing your brand at the top positions on Google. There are many ways by which your digital marketing company can help in managing your social branding and improving your brand image.

Some of these techniques include profile creation in some of the authority websites, adding company logo or images and adding social links and contact information.

Adding short business description is also helpful because it’s a way to add positive content and build your online reputation. It’s a scope to mention about the products and services offered by your business.

Besides responding positively to all such negative reviews goes a long way in improving the product and helps in building a better relationship with the customer. With such positive replies, visitors get a scope to hear the true story as well.

Adding positive reviews about your company on various social media channels is also an effective way to reach out to your customers. Web surfers spend a lot of time surfing review sites to find what others have to say about a brand, its products and services. It is known that positive reviews do have a major role in winning the confidence of the customers and helps in bringing sales in the long-run.

Key to Successful Social Branding:

Social branding is not just about creating accounts on various social media sites and interacting.

  • Being responsive, quick and professional makes a difference! Late or clumsy responses do no good! Research suggests that “77% people feel positive about the brand which responds professionally”.
  • Involving Users does help – If it is a negative review of your service or brand, it does help to reach out to the customer and help.

It’s all about strategic planning and how well social branding is managed! Get in touch with us for more details!