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Types of Pay-per-click Advertisements

Digital marketing has certainly replaced traditional marketing methods to a great degree. Pay-per-Click Advertising is one of the most crucial parts of any digital marketing campaign. Clients are required to pay a fee – every time a client’sadis clicked. This is a way to increase visitors to a website. It is regarded as one of [...]

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Competitive Advantages of Digital Marketing

As technology continues to evolve, the online marketplace is becoming increasingly more digital. More and more people are now searching online before they buy products. So, in this process and amidst such crazy competition, how do businesses ensure that customers reach them? The answer is – digital marketing! Businesses, whether small or large are now [...]

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Must Consider

In the past year alone digital marketing platforms earned about $60 billion in revenue from mobile ads. Smart and aggressive digital marketing is the need of the hour to put your business ahead of your competitors. Every business must keep up with the trends to stay relevant in the dynamic changing world of digital marketing. [...]

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Too Many Negative Reviews About Your Company or Business?

How would you feel, if you Google your brand name or Company name and you find negative ratings or reviews? Imagine your potential clients finding this! No matter, whether it is a fake or a real negative review – it does make a difference in your social branding. It will affect your business since it [...]

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Pay-per-click Campaign: An Inseparable Part of Digital Marketing

In the modern world of digital marketing where everything is getting digitised and the marketing strategies are both devised and manoeuvred over internet using various social networking platforms and other websites, pay-per-click (also known as PPC) is indispensable to the modern marketers. It is basically a unique advertising approach where the advertiser is bound to [...]

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5 Easy Ways to do PPC Keyword Research in 2019

PPC Stands for Pay Per Click. It is a form of paid advertising where money is spent only when a user clicks on the ad. When done correctly, it can be an effective form of marketing with a high ROI (Return on Investment). It can help us get a decent amount of traffic at a [...]

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The Infographics Way to Drive Traffic

Back in the year 2004, when I just started my SEO career as a beginner, my first assigned task was to scan all old posts and blogs, all the while bolding and un-bolding keywords. We were specifically asked to ‘insert’ keywords and ensure they appeared a certain number of times in the content. We were [...]

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Local SEO: Reasons Why It is Important

It doesn’t matter whether you are a builder, accountant, florist or a plumber. With local SEO, your business can benefit a lot. There are a number of digital marketing agencies out there that offer local SEO services. But, what exactly is local SEO? Well, to define the term, local SEO is an extremely effective form [...]

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Google Premier Partner – A New Feather in Our Cap

After years of hard work, we, SERP Consultancy, are now pleased to announce that we have now finally become a Google AdWords Premier Partner. This is the highest rank that one can achieve at a Google AdWords Partner Program. We were already an AdWords certified partner since 2012, and now Google approves that we qualify [...]

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Penguin 4.0: Ways in Which This Could Affect the SERP Rankings

  What Exactly Is Google Penguin And How Does It Work? For professionals whose work lies in the field of SEO, the name “Google Penguin” sparks no questioning look. But an introduction is necessary for the uninitiated. It is an algorithm that had been designed with the aim to deter the practice of link spamming. [...]

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