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Pay-per-click Campaign: An Inseparable Part of Digital Marketing

Date: April 22, 2019 | Author: David Roy | Filed under Pay Per Click Search Marketing | Comments Off

In the modern world of digital marketing where everything is getting digitised and the marketing strategies are both devised and manoeuvred over internet using various social networking platforms and other websites, pay-per-click (also known as PPC) is indispensable to the modern marketers. It is basically a unique advertising approach where the advertiser is bound to pay a certain amount of money to the host with every click made by the visitors of that particular website.

Definition and Working Procedure of PPC:

PPC can be defined as an ingenious advertising technique where the advertisers are obligated to a certain amount of money to the host whenever a visitor clicks on the advertisements provided on the respective websites of the business organisation.

In this process, usually the advertisers try to flash their ads in the sponsored links provided by a certain search engine. By clicking on the ads provided by this process, the visitors get attracted towards a certain website and in return, the advertiser pays an amount to the search engine or host. It is one of the most common advertising techniques nowadays and once it starts to give results, it can be very useful to increase the number of potential customers of a product or service and consequently the conversion rate as well.

Because of its profitability, many marketers opt for this online advertising campaign. The most popular PPC providers available nowadays include Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter, and many more.

To successfully use this process to one’s own advantage, a person must be well acquainted with the nuances of this advertising technique and for that purpose; various training programs can be extremely effective.

Benefits of PPC:

With the proper implementation, this unique advertising approach can provide several benefits such as:

  • Measurable results: With the help of the tools provided by the PPC vendors like Google AdWords, you can easily measure the results of your marketing campaign instantly to determine the current status of your product or service in the existing market. This provides you the time and opportunity to find the loopholes in your strategy and to make necessary changes accordingly.


  • Quick ROI: One of the major advantages of this campaign is a much better return on investment or ROI. Better ROI is a key element for a business to prosper and get the necessary edge over other products in this highly competitive market.


  • Flexibility: PPC is an extremely flexible approach where you can change our keywords and edit your advertising content anytime you want depending on the current market scenario.


  • Better Conversion Rate: This campaign helps to increase the conversion rate of the visitors to a certain website into potential long-lasing customers and thereby increasing the profit to a great extent.


  • Cost effective: Unlike other advertisement techniques, PPC is extremely cost effective because the amount you would have to pay for every click on your advertising link is fairly reasonable.

To sum up, being properly trained in Pay-per-click ad management technique and later implementing it successfully can do wonders for you in this competitive world of digital marketing.

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