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The Infographics Way to Drive Traffic

Back in the year 2004, when I just started my SEO career as a beginner, my first assigned task was to scan all old posts and blogs, all the while bolding and un-bolding keywords. We were specifically asked to ‘insert’ keywords and ensure they appeared a certain number of times in the content. We were [...]

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Penguin 4.0: Ways in Which This Could Affect the SERP Rankings

  What Exactly Is Google Penguin And How Does It Work? For professionals whose work lies in the field of SEO, the name “Google Penguin” sparks no questioning look. But an introduction is necessary for the uninitiated. It is an algorithm that had been designed with the aim to deter the practice of link spamming. [...]

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The Link Building Mantra after Google’s Rank Algorithm Update

Google officially announced a rank algorithm update on 24th April, 2012 which is popularly known as Google Penguin Update. Though I have not found any official reference about the name “Penguin” but anyway, the name not sounds too bad . The algorithm change has affected approx 3% of the English searched results as declared in [...]

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Does Google recognise “nofollow” links?

First of all, in short the answer is “Yes, Google recognises nofollow links and can pass trust vote”!Now let me give a short introduction about nofollow links for those who are new to it. Nofollow is a link attribute used to instruct search engine crawlers to not follow that link. By default, search engines follow [...]

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