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Top 3 Reasons Your Site Might be Affected by Penguin 3.0 and Upcoming Penguin Updates

If you’ve been doing SEO for a while, you’ve probably heard of Google’s Penguin algorithm that combats spammy and low-quality backlinks. 17tth October, 2014 was a highly significant date in SEO world as Google officially has released Penguin 3.0 update with the core aim to show more quality results.  Sites that somehow managed to bypass from the [...]

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Is Social media Marketing Worth Trying?

Why exploring social media when you could stick to link exchanges, search advertising, and editorial ads on relevant sites as a marketing channel? The question must have often peeped into your mind. After all, social media is no pot boiler, at least not directly. Every business that aspire to expand and become successful online, needs [...]

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