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What is SEO Friendly Web Design

Date: July 30, 2011 | Author: Prodosh Kundu | Filed under SEO Friendly Web Design | Comments Off
SEO Friendly Website Designing SEO friendly website design is no rocket science. There is a methodical way to go about doing it. It is like constructing a new building with a solid foundation. While designing a site it is important to keep in mind the constituents of a professional web design. Creating a website that is appealing and search engine friendly, is perhaps one of the hardest parts about SEO web design. Though more web designers or web design companies claim to offer professional web design services for their clients few achieve success.

While designers love beautiful websites, SEOs love optimized content and code. Having a well-designed website is vital in today’s competitive business world. However, if a website design isn’t search engine friendly, it basically defeats the core objective of having a website. SEO and beautiful design elements can co-exist. All you need to do is to follow the checklist to make your website attractive as well as a money making machines:

  • Just avoid or use less Flash to increase page speed.
  • If you want to integrate a video in any page – consider placing click to play video and avoid auto playable video.
  • Place the important body content codes close to the <body> tag using proper <div>
  • Use external CSS to avoid unnecessary codes and to improve content-to-code ratio.
  • Don’t use frames.
  • The foundation of the foundation: keyword research
  • Use of researched keywords in URL
  • Use text navigation if possible or CSS drop down navigation without using Javascript or Flash;
  • Give your images a meaningful name related to your keywords. Avoid using names like image1, pic123 etc.

Hope these tips will help you to construct your web pages SEO friendly from the very beginning. So, stay ahead in the race in conversion rates with beautiful looking and SEO friendly website.

Want to add anything extra with that check list – please feel free to do so by commenting right here.

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