Seven Tips to Make Your Website’s Code Structure SEO Friendly

Search engine spiders read the HTML coding part of a webpage. So it is important to make your code structure SEO friendly to ensure you get highest SEO value from a page.  I have seen almost 90% web designers don’t care about the coding part, may be unintentionally for the lack of SEO knowledge. Unfortunately, that results extravagant codes or content for the search engines.

The aim of SEO friendly web design is to highlight the important portions of your page to the search engines that matter for SEO.

Here are some basic tips you should pass to your designer to make the coding SEO friendly from the very beginning –

  1. Title tag should be the first tag after <head>.
  2. Consider to use main heading tag once – avoid using it here and there in your body content.
  3. Use absolute linking throughout the site.  Also remember to use only WWW version of the URLs. Also don’t link to the home page as for example like – http://www.serp-consultancy/index.html from other pages – use instead.
  4. Try to give valid image name and Alt tag when possible. Never give image name something like pic1.jpg, image1.jpg and so on.
  5. If you need to use any script (for example Google Analytics code) place it at the end of the body i.e. before </body>.
  6. Avoid using internal CSS.
  7. Try to avoid as many extravagant codes as you can and use external CSS instead.

Hope you will find that post helpful as quick guidelines to make the code structure search engine friendly.  Remember – what helps search engines helps you as well 🙂

Why Should You Hire an SEO Expert?

Sharing information in internet is not just all. There is more it. Internet is now being used by various profit-based organizations to increase their potential for success. Though web offers untapped market for business to dig in to, competition too is fierce here. It is the successful implementation of Internet Marketing strategies that can boost a site’s prospect in the online business.

Learning the concepts of online marketing is but a time consuming and elaborate affair to say the least. Hiring an SEO expert is therefore a wise decision. An experienced search engine optimizer can initiate strategies guaranteeing the success of an online venture. Here are some of the reasons why you should hook up with an experienced SEO:

Detailed Research: In Internet Marketing, research is the mantra – research about your business, your website, your competitors, and your target market is mandatory. An SEO can implement custom strategies within your budget by looking into the niche of the business to produce quality results.

Internet Know-how: An experienced SEO expert comes up with in-depth knowledge about the different Internet Marketing approaches used to promote a profit-based website. From the basics to the latest tools – they can implement effective strategies without wasting any of your time.

Guaranteed Results:  Equipped with team of experts they put their best effort to boost your site’s online rankings and drive traffic to your page.

Save Time: SEO works including research, strategy implementation, execution, progress checking etc. require a considerable amount of time. Rather than investing your valuable time to do all these SEO staffs by yourself you can concentrate more on your business.

So do not waste time. Hire a professional today and scale new heights in our business!