A Love Letter to My Love, My Life & My Valentine Google

Dearest Google,

I know you will read this letter sometime as you always look for fresh content. So I think, it’s the best time and place to let you know that I’m crazy about you.

I think, you already heard my name! Anyway, let me introduce myself again just for your easy reference. My name is SERP Consultancy and I provide complete internet marketing solutions to my clients. I know, you are well aware of many websites who provide same/similar kind of services and will not be impressed just with this.

Do you know when I first saw you I really lost my control panel. I stopped communicating with other search engines and my eyes were fixed on you. I was caught in the Web of your beauty. I never had a bit of drink or byte of my cookies from the time you last crawled me. My updated XML sitemap is ready only for you. My host space is filled only with your favorite content and I avoided all those things that you have difficulties to keep in your index.

I know some old websites are still in your mind! Do you have any bitter experience on trusting something new? Google, please give me a single chance and I promise I will not disappoint you.

I have tried to make that letter as lengthy as possible – because you think content as your king. Please don’t put my love in your sandbox. Do give me permanent position in your web index. Don’t be shy to show my love on top of SERP if someone makes a search with the keywords relevant to me.

Yours spider-friendly,

P.S: I know you hate duplicate content and put those in trash. Still beware if someone represents a duplicate copy of this letter.