Google’s Top 10 Flop Products

Let me specify first that I really love Google and appreciate their continuous effort to make our daily life easier. But what Google touches not turns into gold always! Here are few of the flop products of Google which they have either retired or scheduled to shut down soon.

1. Web Accelerator:

Back in the year 2008 Google has retired that program. The aim of that program was to speed up the page load time by storing cached copy of the frequently visited pages and by means of data compression, pre-fetching of the content. With the emergence of high speed internet connection throughout the World people no longer need such kind of program and thus Google shuts it down.

2. Answers:

Google tried to compete with the Yahoo Answer by making a similar kind of thing. But unlike Yahoo Answers, Google Answers was not free and it seems to be the main reason of the failure. While askers can get a quick solution through Yahoo community for free why they might pay for it – seems to be the prime reason of the failure.

3. Google Base:

It’s my favorite Google flops! The concept is quite similar like online classified sites. As of September, 2010 that product is promoted to Google Merchant Center. But as there are a huge number of free local and international sites which supports similar features like this – so there is nothing exciting!

4. Power Meter:

I’m quite sure that many people even have not heard about it. Google discontinued that program since 24th June, 2011. The main aim of that software was to show electricity usage in real time and create an awareness of how much energy they use.

5. Google Sets:

It’s appears quite complicated and I’m not very sure why I need to make a set for any practical usage. Thank God Google shuts it down from 5th September, 2011.

6. Google Squared:

Another complicated search product which discontinued along with the Sets from 5th September. Wish to thank Google again for their wise decision to discontinue it.

7. Buzz:

Buzz is a social networking service integrated with Gmail service allowing users to share updates, photos, videos and more at once. It lets users make conversations about things they find interesting. It was released on February 9, 2010. It’s scheduled for discontinuation by end of 2011.

8. Jaiku:

Jaiku is a social networking, micro-blogging and lifestreaming service comparable to Twitter. People are well engaged in twitter so it is expected that most of us are not looking for another similar program. Thanks again that Google decided to shut down it on January 15, 2012.

9. Labs:

A website demonstrating and testing new Google projects. Google Labs closed on October 17, 2011.

10. Wave:

There was a huge buzz about that service but it was another super flop program that calls back so quickly. I still have no idea what it was intended to do after accepting a wave invitation.

What’s next? I guess Google Plus would be on the next list. I forgot when I last opened it after signing up and browsing for merely 15 minutes. Oh yes, I logged another time there to add few friends to my circle and to accept few invitations. Though I still have not enough chance to review it thoroughly but have not seen anything more interesting or much different than Facebook community.

I would love to hear from you all – comment your review on that topic.