How Dedicated or Offshore Hiring Model Works at SERP Consultancy

If you are sort in time or manpower and have bulk internet marketing and web development related works – our dedicated hiring work model would be best for you to save time and money. See how you can be benefited as follows –

Key Points

  1. Your hired person will work from our office from Monday to Friday (except national holidays) on 8hrs per day basis. You are guaranteed to get atleast (8hrs x 20 working days) 160 hrs. of work in a month. Also we understand that you are paying for hours. All your resources will work for 8 hours per day excluding lunch time or other pleasure breaks from Monday to Friday.
  2. You will be able to see what tasks he is performing on day to day basis with hour’s usage details anytime you want.
  3. You will be given a free Account Manager who will act as a single point of contact and team leader for your hired resource(s). No need to manage individual resources, your account manager will be at your service to answer all your queries during the business hours promptly.
  4. We can sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect your privacy, client details, promotional activities done etc.

Key Advantages of Offshore Hiring –

  • Quick Turnaround – You can assign priority of your projects and we will work accordingly. This is something like instructing an in-house staff and getting the job done quickly.
  • No hiring burden, setup fees, and office expenses – you’re guaranteed to save more than 50% cost than an in-house employee who will do the same tasks.
  • Quick Solution to Any Problem – we are specialized in all internet marketing and web development activities. If your hired person get any problem or need assistance we are here to solve his/her problem promptly, so your work will not be hampered anyway.
  • Quality Control – we are responsible to meet all your expectations from us. So we monitor all activities of your hired person closely and ensure 100% error free work always.

List of tasks that can be performed by your hired person –

  1. Total SEO activities including link building, content marketing, making your websites 100% search engine friendly for both English and non-English websites
  2. All promotional content writing.
  3. Complete Paid Advertising Campaign management including Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter etc. for both English & Multilingual websites.
  4. Social Media Profile Management including Twitter, Facebook account setup and promotion and online reputation management.
  5. All kind of website development works including but not limited to web design, web programming, website maintenance etc.

Type of resources that we can provide based on your requirements –

Web Guru – Can execute all SEO activities, paid advertising activities, web design and web development activities.
In this model of hiring, 2 or 3 experts will work simultaneously to produce 8hrs of total output in a day. For example, if you have some design requirements – we will assign a designer, if you have some SEO requirements – we will assign an SEO expert.
Your account manager will manage these resources for you based on the given assignments. So, you will get all kinds of capabilities within a single virtual resource.

SEO Expert – Can execute all internet marketing related activities including total SEO and paid marketing support. SEO expert can’t do any web design or development related works and is limited to only internet marketing related jobs.

Link Builder – can execute all SEO link building activities and promotional content writing. Not capable to execute any paid marketing, onpage SEO works and any web development related activities.