Google Premier Partner – A New Feather in Our Cap

After years of hard work, we, SERP Consultancy, are now pleased to announce that we have now finally become a Google AdWords Premier Partner. This is the highest rank that one can achieve at a Google AdWords Partner Program. We were already an AdWords certified partner since 2012, and now Google approves that we qualify for their highest standards as well as quality criteria. Before we move forward, there are a number of things that needs to be cleared at the outset.

Well, millions of users use Google AdWords and it is updated regularly. This means, Google gets flooded with requests for helping them to run AdWords campaigns. Also, they receive a huge number of complaints about marketing agencies that are unqualified and that mismanage AdWords accounts.

To deal with such issues, Google started certifying certain marketing agencies as official AdWords partners. In order to become a certified partner, companies not only need to display a history of running large AdWords campaigns, but also employ qualified individuals who have passed online AdWords examinations. We have met all these strict criteria of Google and were thoroughly vetted by the search giant to achieve the prestigious Premier Partner Badge.

We have also earned specialisation in Mobile, Search as well as Shopping Advertising. This means we have certified team members who are experienced in these specific product areas and have substantial knowledge of helping clients and optimising ads for both mobile and desktop. As Google Partners, we have great knowledge of AdWords and are dedicated to paid Search Marketing for a variety of clients. Being a Google Partner, we offer a competitive advantage to clients, deliver quality customer service and have received training to help businesses grow online.

Here is a short comparison between Google Partner Badge and Google Premier Partner Badge

Criteria Partner Badge Premier Partner Badge
Certification In order to show that you and your colleagues have advanced AdWords knowledge, you need to get 1 affiliated individual certified in AdWords. In order to show that you and your colleagues have advanced AdWords knowledge, you need to get 2 affiliated individual certified in AdWords. And we have over 10 such people.
Spend To show that your company has a good amount of activity, you need to meet a 90-day AdWords spend requirement of 10,000 US Dollars across your managed accounts. To show that your company has a good amount of activity, you need to meet a 90-day AdWords spend requirement of more than 10,000 US Dollar across your managed accounts. And we spend more than 40,000 US Dollar on Google AdWords campaign per month.


When it comes to performance, high performance keeps our customers happy and helps in improving our standing as a Google Partner. And we have excelled at that too! Look at the screenshot below for your reference.  You can see that the level of our performance is much more than that is required by Google to be their Premier Partner.



Below are described some of the advantages that you will get if you work with a Google Premier Partner as ourselves

        1.   Guaranteed results within your budget

We know our business well, we know what we do and with our proven expertise, we can guarantee you definite results within a certain time-frame. There is no guess-work or budget burning chances. We make sure that you acquire lower conversion cost as well as cost per click by improving the quality score, click through rate and we have something for every budget. In short- we give you what you want.

        2.   Work with certified analysts and account managers

If a company achieves Google Partner status, it will have employees who are Google AdWords certified, managing your accounts. Google makes sure that these certifications are current and that the agency or the company meets Google’s standards for account management.

         3.   Stay ahead of the competition with Beta Features

Companies that have achieved a Google Partner badge, for example, SERP Consultancy, can have access to Google’s Beta features. This means, if Google develops a new application or feature, its partners can use and test this feature for a year or more before it is available to the general public. Imagine the advantages that you will get by using Google’s marketing features before your competitors have access to it!

        4.   Have access to the masters of AdWords features

As Google Partners know all the features of AdWords very well, they know how to use them in a way that is greatly profitable to their clients. Our analysts master in things such as the use of negative keywords, ad extensions, split testing with AdWords, phrase match keywords, ad scheduling, broad match modified keywords, site links inside of ads and many more.

        5.   Keep up with the best practices in PPC

In order to maintain the Google Partner status, team members of a company must take certification exams in AdWords Fundamentals, Shopping, Display, Search, Mobile and Video Advertising. Partners can even attend free training sessions, so that they can keep up with the latest PPC practices. If you work with us, you can rest assured that we know all the latest PPC strategies and will do our best to bring profit to your business.

Our relationship with Google is great and we have a long track history with their representatives. We get to know about all the new and upcoming features. And as we are a Premier Partner of Google, we get access to a number of benefits. Some of them are

  • Invitations to all the exclusive Google events
  • Showing the prestigious Google Premier Partner badge on our website, and other online and offline marketing materials, is a big credibility boost for us as a company
  • Having access to advanced support and training
  • Having a company profile as well as visibility on the Google Partner Search website
  • The ability to achieve company specialisations

We know that without the support and appreciation of our satisfied clients, we would not be able to achieve Google’s highest distinction. That’s why we want to thank our each and every one of our clients heartily for placing their trust in us. We are looking forward to continuing this successful and blissful journey with you and work even harder to boost and grow your business even further.

Thank You!