Google Premier Partner Award – We Made It to the Next Level!

“An award nomination is not the validation of excellence you have put in your work till date, but it is motivation to strive higher and aim bigger.”

In April 2017, Google opened its windows to receive award applications from Google Premier Partners from all across the world in six different categories. SERP Consultancy had submitted its application for all the six categories in May. And in July, we, SERP Consultancy, are proud to announce that we are one of the five Premier Partners shortlisted out of all the applicants in India in the “Mobile Innovation Award” category.

What does this mean?

We are going to the next level of the competition. India is bustling with digital marketing companies. There many companies who applied for Google Premier Award and getting shortlisted out of all the applicants is certainly a new feather in our cap.  This achievement has filled our team with immense positive energy to work with greater enthusiasm and put in much more than they already do.

Google Heard the Story of Our Work

Creative solutions and hard work are cornerstones of happy clients. And happy clients speak about your success story. If that was not enough, they are also valued by Google while selecting a good award entry. Google had asked all applicants to talk about their company and campaign story in an engaging and insightful way. But when your work is filled with passion and dedication, your true story becomes engaging naturally. We just told Google about our journey and what we did and they heard it.

h5>>Mobile Innovation Award – Why it is so special for us

Mobile innovation is at the forefront of advertising these days and it is no longer a secret. Every business looking forward to build an effective digital marketing strategy is now incorporating mobile advertising in their online marketing road map.

Getting nominated in this category is special as it shows how we harnessed the power of mobile advertising for our clients and helped them to ride this emerging trend. This trend is only going to grow in future and this nomination is an affirmation that our team is ready for it.

We had anticipated that mobile advertising is going to be huge in near future. We had made suggestions accordingly to our clients, who showed interest. Our team suggested them to start making their websites “mobile friends” as most visitors use mobile devices to initiate searches. With an efficient use of cross-device and universal app campaigns, we helped our clients hit the right note with mobile advertising.

Our team helps our clients in creating different types of mobile ads in an efficient manner. From mobile text ads to call-only ads, we take care of every aspect. We also assist our clients in selecting the right resolution of images for image ads. Expert professionals of our team who have the qualification and expertise in mobile advertising handle the campaign of all our clients. With their skills and experience, they are able to help our clients achieve success.

While searching for ads for our clients, we ensure that they do not miss out on responses from mobile device users. To help them reach out to mobile users, we suggest that they add call and message extensions.  By adding phone numbers, the chances of receiving query calls from mobile device users once they come across the ad. Location extension is also an important extension that allows mobile device users to find the business or nearest store to client using the Google maps and GPS location system in their devices.

Our team of talented professionals are driven by passion to enhance their knowledge to match up to the dynamically changing mobile advertising landscape. This is the reason we are always up-to-date with the latest trends in the mobile advertising arena. With creative and knowledge driven approach, we are able to design a successful mobile advertising campaign.

Our Reaction

The whole team is feeling excited and thrilled. At the same time, we are motivated to dream bigger and work harder. Here are some snippets from what our team has to say-

“We are definitely more confident after being shortlisted for the award.  While whether we win or not is something the future holds, we are going move forward with double the vigour. Our selection is a validation that we are on the right track with our approach and methodology.”

We, SERP Consultancy’s entire team, are looking forward to take steps to enhance our potential and strengthen our approach. Our motto is to use all our knowledge and data to help our clients create an excellent online presence.