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Types of Pay-per-click Advertisements

Digital marketing has certainly replaced traditional marketing methods to a great degree. Pay-per-Click Advertising is one of the most crucial parts of any digital marketing campaign. Clients are required to pay a fee – every time a client’sadis clicked. This is a way to increase visitors to a website. It is regarded as one of the most effective forms of digital marketing tactics in use today, as well as a cost-effective method.

PPC campaigns are a cost-effective method for many companies to attract visitors to their websites. Depending on the client’s preferences and requirements, there are different types of PPC campaigns offered by digital marketers. Some of them are described in brief below:

  • Paid Search Marketing: Paid Search Marketing is one of the most common types of PPC services on offer, with providers such as Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising being pioneers of this field. They show the client’s ads to users searching for some pre-defined keywords. It allows campaigns to be set up by writing ad copies, after selection of relevant keywords and a suitable landing page has been agreed upon.
  • Social Media Advertising:Several social media platforms such as Facebook have started offering a form of PPC advertising, since they have a high number of users who can be potential customers.  Running a social media advertising campaign can help clients achieve a higher click through rate, which in turn increases the awareness around a product.  Such channels can thus be used to effectively target specific demographics and preferences.
  • Display Advertising: Display Advertising consists of an image, text and banner ads appearing on different websites. They are used as a tool to target audiences. These ads help in spreading information and creating a brand awareness related to the brand. The ads are linked directly to the client’s website and generally have a lower click-through rate as compared to search ads. They are basically used as a brand awareness tool.
  • Retargeting PPC: Retargeting PPC campaigns which are also known as remarketing, use cookies from the user’s device. They are then used to show users specific ads, based on their previous online purchase habits. For instance, a user who has searched extensively for vacations on the web will be shown display ads related to a traveller’s need, such as a travel agent’s latest deals. Retargeting can be used in combination with other forms of marketing such as display, search and social media campaigns.
  • Price Comparison Website Advertising: Price comparison sites, sometimes known as aggregators are mainly concerned with gathering information like display prices and special offers for a host of different products and services. Users searching for such offers, click and then buy directly from the merchant or the portal in question.

PPC marketing requires specialised knowledge, ongoing management and dedication. Because of the risks associated with poor ad placement, a client must be extra careful while selecting their digital marketing partner. A simple Google search will yield a host of options near you, for both local and global levels.

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Competitive Advantages of Digital Marketing

As technology continues to evolve, the online marketplace is becoming increasingly more digital. More and more people are now searching online before they buy products. So, in this process and amidst such crazy competition, how do businesses ensure that customers reach them?

The answer is – digital marketing!

Businesses, whether small or large are now using their digital marketing tactics to effectively reach out and engage consumers online. Unlike the usual traditional marketing methods, digital marketing uses different channels and a variety of methods to understand a real-time scenario. Organisations usually analyse different marketing campaigns and then implement different steps as necessary.

No matter what your business is and what your company sells, digital marketing can work effectively for your business. With the use of digital marketing, you get to see results a lot faster than you can with offline marketing technique. Such an interactive nature of the digital marketing strategies can help companies in growing in a short time.

A business organisation can be benefited greatly by implementing digital marketing strategies. Techniques like SEO, CRO, and PPC help in the growth of an organisation and making profits. The advantages provided by digital marketing are as follows –

1.  Innovative marketing strategy: Tools like conversion rate optimisation or search engine optimisation would help you to improve your current marketing strategy to make it more effective and profitable.

2.  Better marketing content: Through digital marketing, you will be able to get high quality marketing content from professional content writers in order to promote your business.

3.   Improved conversion rate: Using conversion rate optimisation, you would be able to convert casual visitors to your website into a loyal client network, as CRO is capable of reaching the right audiences at the right time.

4.   Cost effectiveness: The traditional marketing system is a lot more expensive as you have to spend a lot of money for advertising, strategy making, and other purposes. If you hire a digital marketing agency, all these activities will be done efficiently at a fairly reasonable rate.

5.   Higher return on investment: Various campaigns of digital marketing such as pay-per-click and cost-per-lead will help to improve the return on investment (ROI) of your business significantly.

6.   Increase brand reputation: Using SEO and CRO, your products will reach a larger number of potential customers and once you gain their trust by satisfying them, it will help a lot to increase your brand reputation in the local and international market.

7.   Quick and real time results: You would no longer need to wait for weeks or months to get your marketing results. PPC and CRO are capable of providing instantaneous results that will help you make quick decisions.

Digital marketing is a constantly growing market and the future of the marketing world. With several new marketing strategies such as segmentation, influencer marketing, collaborative environment, online behavioural advertising, game advertising, remarketing, and many more – it has now become more beneficial than ever to the businesses across the globe.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Must Consider

In the past year alone digital marketing platforms earned about $60 billion in revenue from mobile ads. Smart and aggressive digital marketing is the need of the hour to put your business ahead of your competitors. Every business must keep up with the trends to stay relevant in the dynamic changing world of digital marketing.

Consider the 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019:

AI Marketing

As per Gartner almost 85% of consumer-enterprise relationships will not involve human interactions. Most of us,love tointeract with chatbot when visiting a website. AI’s ability to read and predict user behavior through data makes it a must have marketing armor. Adopting this technology can save a lot of money and time for every business.

Voice Search

Voice Search has taken great leaps in the past couple of years. In the US alone, voice sales are expected to increase to $40 billion in the year 2022 from $1.8 billion. Its popularity has grown in such a short time as it offers a compelling alternative to typing. Major brands like Google, Amazon have invested into voice operated gadgets big time. To tap into voice traffic specific optimization or tweaks are needed like including some conversational keywords, improving the site load time to name a few.

Video Marketing

As per a latest survey by Cisco, by the year 2021 video will constitute about 82% of the total traffic of a website. Video streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube have emerged as leading players in this segment. This form of content is seen as far more effective than the other forms. Pushing your service or business through video to consumers has never been easier. It is essential that all businesses jump on the video bandwagon in the coming days.

Messenger Ads or In-App Ads

With over 2 million apps available on the Google Play Store, messenger apps are an untapped marketing goldmine.  Targeting specific demographics to send out personalized ads through platforms such as Facebook messenger or whatsapp is on the rise. They serve as an extremely efficient tool when foraying into newer markets or testing out new strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing via Social Media is a powerful marketing tool or strategy which every business enterprise should look forward to. With more and more diverse users being added on social media its reach is ever so expanding. Native Advertisement, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing etc. are some of the ways to market on this platform.

Before opting for any of the marketing strategies listed above, we must carefully consider and review all of these from a business point of view. At the end of the day every business is unique and what works for one will not necessarily work for the others.

Need an extra push for your marketing?  We would be more than happy to help you out. Get in touch with us right away!

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Too Many Negative Reviews About Your Company or Business?

How would you feel, if you Google your brand name or Company name and you find negative ratings or reviews? Imagine your potential clients finding this!

No matter, whether it is a fake or a real negative review – it does make a difference in your social branding. It will affect your business since it portrays negative realitiesabout your business.

The sad part is that even though businesses are aware of the existence of such negative reviews and ratings, they apparently do not have any control on such pages.

No, you no longer have to sit back and watch the negativity leaving an impact on your business because there is a way out!

It’s true that negative content or reviews can be written by anyone about your business. It does hamper the online reputation of a company, since a single negative review or feedback can push away several customers within seconds. The brand loses its trust and credibility. Though there is no way to remove such content or reviews until the reviewer takes it down, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it.

Social Branding Services Do Make a Difference

Social branding techniques can be used to improve social branding and can help in securing your brand at the top positions on Google. There are many ways by which your digital marketing company can help in managing your social branding and improving your brand image.

Some of these techniques include profile creation in some of the authority websites, adding company logo or images and adding social links and contact information.

Adding short business description is also helpful because it’s a way to add positive content and build your online reputation. It’s a scope to mention about the products and services offered by your business.

Besides responding positively to all such negative reviews goes a long way in improving the product and helps in building a better relationship with the customer. With such positive replies, visitors get a scope to hear the true story as well.

Adding positive reviews about your company on various social media channels is also an effective way to reach out to your customers. Web surfers spend a lot of time surfing review sites to find what others have to say about a brand, its products and services. It is known that positive reviews do have a major role in winning the confidence of the customers and helps in bringing sales in the long-run.

Key to Successful Social Branding:

Social branding is not just about creating accounts on various social media sites and interacting.

  • Being responsive, quick and professional makes a difference! Late or clumsy responses do no good! Research suggests that “77% people feel positive about the brand which responds professionally”.
  • Involving Users does help – If it is a negative review of your service or brand, it does help to reach out to the customer and help.

It’s all about strategic planning and how well social branding is managed! Get in touch with us for more details!

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Pay-per-click Campaign: An Inseparable Part of Digital Marketing

In the modern world of digital marketing where everything is getting digitised and the marketing strategies are both devised and manoeuvred over internet using various social networking platforms and other websites, pay-per-click (also known as PPC) is indispensable to the modern marketers. It is basically a unique advertising approach where the advertiser is bound to pay a certain amount of money to the host with every click made by the visitors of that particular website.

Definition and Working Procedure of PPC:

PPC can be defined as an ingenious advertising technique where the advertisers are obligated to a certain amount of money to the host whenever a visitor clicks on the advertisements provided on the respective websites of the business organisation.

In this process, usually the advertisers try to flash their ads in the sponsored links provided by a certain search engine. By clicking on the ads provided by this process, the visitors get attracted towards a certain website and in return, the advertiser pays an amount to the search engine or host. It is one of the most common advertising techniques nowadays and once it starts to give results, it can be very useful to increase the number of potential customers of a product or service and consequently the conversion rate as well.

Because of its profitability, many marketers opt for this online advertising campaign. The most popular PPC providers available nowadays include Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter, and many more.

To successfully use this process to one’s own advantage, a person must be well acquainted with the nuances of this advertising technique and for that purpose; various training programs can be extremely effective.

Benefits of PPC:

With the proper implementation, this unique advertising approach can provide several benefits such as:

  • Measurable results: With the help of the tools provided by the PPC vendors like Google AdWords, you can easily measure the results of your marketing campaign instantly to determine the current status of your product or service in the existing market. This provides you the time and opportunity to find the loopholes in your strategy and to make necessary changes accordingly.


  • Quick ROI: One of the major advantages of this campaign is a much better return on investment or ROI. Better ROI is a key element for a business to prosper and get the necessary edge over other products in this highly competitive market.


  • Flexibility: PPC is an extremely flexible approach where you can change our keywords and edit your advertising content anytime you want depending on the current market scenario.


  • Better Conversion Rate: This campaign helps to increase the conversion rate of the visitors to a certain website into potential long-lasing customers and thereby increasing the profit to a great extent.


  • Cost effective: Unlike other advertisement techniques, PPC is extremely cost effective because the amount you would have to pay for every click on your advertising link is fairly reasonable.

To sum up, being properly trained in Pay-per-click ad management technique and later implementing it successfully can do wonders for you in this competitive world of digital marketing.

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5 Easy Ways to do PPC Keyword Research in 2019

PPC Stands for Pay Per Click. It is a form of paid advertising where money is spent only when a user clicks on the ad. When done correctly, it can be an effective form of marketing with a high ROI (Return on Investment). It can help us get a decent amount of traffic at a predictable amount. You can see results almost immediately which is in sharp contrast to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which can take months to show results. For setting up any optimized PPC campaign, the primary step is doing keyword research.

Below are 5 ways to do it effectively.

  1. Defining Goal for the Campaign

A lot has changed since the old days, where Google’s best chance of serving up relevant results was by matching the search term with the keywords present on a page. Google’s AI has advanced beyond just ‘word’ matching. The most important thing to remember is that we are not “buying traffic” or “buying keywords”. Clearly defining a campaign goal is the primary step in starting off with Keyword Research.

  1. Competitor Research

Before we dive head first with our keyword research, it is essential to keep a look out for what our competitors are doing. We can use tools like Spyfu, which can give us an insight as regards to the keywords they’re targeting, what is the cpc (cost-per-click) they are paying for, total cost, ad position, and the search terms they’re appearing for. Using this data we can outbid your competitors for the No 1 Spot and reach our target audience. Competitor Research can be a goldmine of data, but we must remember that all strategies are not worth copying.

  1. Expanding List With Tools

Google Keyword Planner is the go-to tool for most markets out there, but there are other great tools also, which you could use. Always we must think as to what the audience is searching for. Suppose you are an online furniture store. You can insert any keyword – like ‘buy furniture online’ and look for suggestions in the planner. This way we can expand or multiply our existing keyword list.  

  1. Refining Keyword List

It’s important to filter out certain keywords before making your final list. We can upload our list of keywords and check out the search volume and forecasts. The idea is to find high search volume, low competition and low cost keywords as often as possible. That being said some of the most high-value keywords could cost more, but they could give us more conversions or send us potential customers that eventually go on to buy more expensive products or services.

  1. Grouping Keywords into Tightly Themed Ad Groups

Once we have sorted and filtered out relevant keywords for our campaign, we can input them into relevant ad groups. Ad Groups are nothing but a shared set of closely matched keywords that can help trigger our ads. While writing ad copies we must remember that the ad copies must be relevant to the landing page to increase chances of getting conversions.

PPC Keyword Research, is a crucial cog in the wheel for ad campaigns, so taking the time in getting it right is important. We can benefit from the data in the long term. If you are confused or looking for a helping hand with regards to your PPC Campaigns, we would be more than happy to help. Get in Touch with Us!

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The Infographics Way to Drive Traffic

Back in the year 2004, when I just started my SEO career as a beginner, my first assigned task was to scan all old posts and blogs, all the while bolding and un-bolding keywords. We were specifically asked to ‘insert’ keywords and ensure they appeared a certain number of times in the content. We were told, it is going to help the website rank better in search engines. It was an important part of search engine optimisation and we were updating the content for search engines to scan. SEO back then, was mostly about stuffed keywords in content…and YES, surprisingly, it did work!!

Thankfully, SEO has evolved from such boring simplicity over all these years. It is no longer about keyword stuffing, spamming blogs, bulk directory submissions or tweaking back-end codes to rank higher in search engines. Google stamped out all these shady practices in the next few years, which are no longer effective. Google is known to keep changing its search algorithm more than 500 times in a year often surprising search marketers and the online marketing industry.

Today, SEO connects – it connects generations of information-hungry individuals to targeted information, all through personalised, easily accessible and engaging content &media.

Yes, content is still the ‘King’! Unique and ‘High Quality’ content still attracts the attention of search engines and will continue to do so for a long-time! However, the presentation style or nature of content has changed!

Visual Storytelling Makes a Difference

With the popularity of social media and mobile networking, infographics have taken over the digital marketing scene with a bang! Making the most of the burst, digital marketers are including Infographics as an integral part of their SEO strategy!

So…how are these infographics different? Why do they get viral so easily?

  1. Eye-Catching and Persuasive:

Web surfers love information. People are fond of figures, numbers & statistics and they love to share interesting graphics. A well-crafted infographic looks nice, should ideally include interesting information, should have an easy-flowing pattern and visually pleasing.

  1. Drive more Traffic:

An interestingly crafted infographic is compelling. It naturally drives more traffic because people are likely to share visual content more. That’s how we come across ‘viral’ videos and images. Its not just about sharing an infographic, but its about making your brand popular as well.

  1. Easily Read, Quickly Understood and Remembered Long:

Statistics reveal that our human brain processes visuals at least 60,000 times faster than text. Also, it is known that 65% people are visual learners. Undoubtedly, visual information is processed faster by the human brain. Readers quickly understand the message conveyed through infographics and they remember it for a long time even after leaving the page.

  1. The Help SEO:

Research reveals that visuals are shared more than traditional text content. Infographics by their nature, make people click them, ‘like’ them and often share then. Thus, it is great for your SEO as Google indexes the website higher.

  1. Portable and Embeddable:

The embeddable design of an infographic is one of the major benefits. When the embed code is uploaded along with the infographic, others can easily share the content by simply embedding it in their webpages. This embedded infographic automatically links back to your website. Thus, you have readers from other websites quite easily.

  1. Build Connections:

Infographics help in teaching or educating people in a subtle and interesting way.Ideally, they should include statistics, engaging content and unusual or trending information. They are not meant just for selling. They help in building connections with the target audience. People love to connect with the brand which keeps in mind their interest and doesn’t think only about sales!

Keeping with the trends, we at SERP Consultancy offer best infographic marketing solutions for our clients. To get started, all you need to do is download our infographic submission details form (once you have placed an order), fill it up and send it back to us. We will do the rest!

Have any other question in mind? Get in touch now!

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Google Premier Partner Award – We Made It to the Next Level!

“An award nomination is not the validation of excellence you have put in your work till date, but it is motivation to strive higher and aim bigger.”

In April 2017, Google opened its windows to receive award applications from Google Premier Partners from all across the world in six different categories. SERP Consultancy had submitted its application for all the six categories in May. And in July, we, SERP Consultancy, are proud to announce that we are one of the five Premier Partners shortlisted out of all the applicants in India in the “Mobile Innovation Award” category.

What does this mean?

We are going to the next level of the competition. India is bustling with digital marketing companies. There many companies who applied for Google Premier Award and getting shortlisted out of all the applicants is certainly a new feather in our cap.  This achievement has filled our team with immense positive energy to work with greater enthusiasm and put in much more than they already do.

Google Heard the Story of Our Work

Creative solutions and hard work are cornerstones of happy clients. And happy clients speak about your success story. If that was not enough, they are also valued by Google while selecting a good award entry. Google had asked all applicants to talk about their company and campaign story in an engaging and insightful way. But when your work is filled with passion and dedication, your true story becomes engaging naturally. We just told Google about our journey and what we did and they heard it.

Mobile Innovation Award – Why it is so special for us

Mobile innovation is at the forefront of advertising these days and it is no longer a secret. Every business looking forward to build an effective digital marketing strategy is now incorporating mobile advertising in their online marketing road map.

Getting nominated in this category is special as it shows how we harnessed the power of mobile advertising for our clients and helped them to ride this emerging trend. This trend is only going to grow in future and this nomination is an affirmation that our team is ready for it.

We had anticipated that mobile advertising is going to be huge in near future. We had made suggestions accordingly to our clients, who showed interest. Our team suggested them to start making their websites “mobile friends” as most visitors use mobile devices to initiate searches. With an efficient use of cross-device and universal app campaigns, we helped our clients hit the right note with mobile advertising.

Our team helps our clients in creating different types of mobile ads in an efficient manner. From mobile text ads to call-only ads, we take care of every aspect. We also assist our clients in selecting the right resolution of images for image ads. Expert professionals of our team who have the qualification and expertise in mobile advertising handle the campaign of all our clients. With their skills and experience, they are able to help our clients achieve success.

While searching for ads for our clients, we ensure that they do not miss out on responses from mobile device users. To help them reach out to mobile users, we suggest that they add call and message extensions.  By adding phone numbers, the chances of receiving query calls from mobile device users once they come across the ad. Location extension is also an important extension that allows mobile device users to find the business or nearest store to client using the Google maps and GPS location system in their devices.

Our team of talented professionals are driven by passion to enhance their knowledge to match up to the dynamically changing mobile advertising landscape. This is the reason we are always up-to-date with the latest trends in the mobile advertising arena. With creative and knowledge driven approach, we are able to design a successful mobile advertising campaign.

Our Reaction

The whole team is feeling excited and thrilled. At the same time, we are motivated to dream bigger and work harder. Here are some snippets from what our team has to say-

“We are definitely more confident after being shortlisted for the award.  While whether we win or not is something the future holds, we are going move forward with double the vigour. Our selection is a validation that we are on the right track with our approach and methodology.”

We, SERP Consultancy’s entire team, are looking forward to take steps to enhance our potential and strengthen our approach. Our motto is to use all our knowledge and data to help our clients create an excellent online presence.

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Local SEO: Reasons Why It is Important

It doesn’t matter whether you are a builder, accountant, florist or a plumber. With local SEO, your business can benefit a lot. There are a number of digital marketing agencies out there that offer local SEO services. But, what exactly is local SEO? Well, to define the term, local SEO is an extremely effective form of local online marketing. It enables you to promote your local business as well as services to your local customers at exactly the time when they are looking for your kind of business. Search engines such as Superpages, Yelp, TouchLocal are used by local SEO. In order to find the best local business in their area, millions of local customers use these services every day.

Guesswork is removed from local marketing by local SEO. If you drop leaflets through a letterbox, or put an ad in a local newspaper, you can’t be sure if your ad is seen by someone who is interested in your service or not. Here comes local SEO. It helps you to reach local customers who are looking to buy your services when they need it. Also, those new customers are ‘real customers’ and not just online customers. Local online marketing promotes not only your website, but also your business, services, address, name etc. Without even visiting your website, your new customers will call you and want to know more about your products and services, and give you more sales. Here, in this article, you will find why it is important for your business to opt for local SEO.

          1.       Local customers are using the internet to find local businesses

In order to find local business, online search engines and directories are used by 64 percent of local customers as the main way. On the contrary, there are only 28 percent of people who use old paper directories, in order to find local information.

         2.       Local search marketing is timely and highly targeted

Using local search engines as well as online directories, enables you to promote your business to local customers at exactly the time when they are actually looking for it. There is no better time to connect with your potential customers when they actually need you. And with local SEO, you can do exactly that.

         3.       Number of online searches for local business has increased

In the year 2008/09, the number of local searches increased by 58 percent. This growth is more than double the growth in general search volumes. This means that via search engines such as Google, more and more people are looking for local businesses as well as information.

         4.       Increased conversion levels of all local channels

Compared to other traditional advertising options, local directory marketing has higher conversion rates – up to 50 percent conversion on some directories. This means, you will be able to convert one in every two leads into an actual customer.

        5.       Great ROI or Return on Investment

Compared to other advertising such as leaflets and local papers, local SEO has less wastage exposure. This enables you to reach your potential customers when they actually need you. This is considered as a great advantage of local SEO. Also, this makes local SEO cost-effective as well as efficient.

        6.       Growth in mobile internet usage

Nowadays, in order to find the best local business while walking around, more and more customers are using mobile phones as well as mobile apps. Both PC and mobile internet access is covered by local SEO. This means, you will never miss out on a potential customer.

        7.       Not many businesses have claimed their Google Places local listings

There are only 10 percent of local businesses that are well acquainted with online marketing yet. This gives you the opportunity to get a head start before your competitors, become wise and give them a tough competition. Strike when you still have the opportunity.

        8.       Decrease in local newspaper readership

The number of people reading local newspaper is decreasing day by day. Recent study shows that in the last 20 years, some local newspapers have lost almost 80 percent of their readership. This is because; people are turning to their mobile phones or PC, in order to get local news as well as to find the best local deals and businesses.

So these are some of the reasons why you should consider local SEO for your business.

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Google Premier Partner – A New Feather in Our Cap

After years of hard work, we, SERP Consultancy, are now pleased to announce that we have now finally become a Google AdWords Premier Partner. This is the highest rank that one can achieve at a Google AdWords Partner Program. We were already an AdWords certified partner since 2012, and now Google approves that we qualify for their highest standards as well as quality criteria. Before we move forward, there are a number of things that needs to be cleared at the outset.

Well, millions of users use Google AdWords and it is updated regularly. This means, Google gets flooded with requests for helping them to run AdWords campaigns. Also, they receive a huge number of complaints about marketing agencies that are unqualified and that mismanage AdWords accounts.

To deal with such issues, Google started certifying certain marketing agencies as official AdWords partners. In order to become a certified partner, companies not only need to display a history of running large AdWords campaigns, but also employ qualified individuals who have passed online AdWords examinations. We have met all these strict criteria of Google and were thoroughly vetted by the search giant to achieve the prestigious Premier Partner Badge.

We have also earned specialisation in Mobile, Search as well as Shopping Advertising. This means we have certified team members who are experienced in these specific product areas and have substantial knowledge of helping clients and optimising ads for both mobile and desktop. As Google Partners, we have great knowledge of AdWords and are dedicated to paid Search Marketing for a variety of clients. Being a Google Partner, we offer a competitive advantage to clients, deliver quality customer service and have received training to help businesses grow online.

Here is a short comparison between Google Partner Badge and Google Premier Partner Badge

Criteria Partner Badge Premier Partner Badge
Certification In order to show that you and your colleagues have advanced AdWords knowledge, you need to get 1 affiliated individual certified in AdWords. In order to show that you and your colleagues have advanced AdWords knowledge, you need to get 2 affiliated individual certified in AdWords. And we have over 10 such people.
Spend To show that your company has a good amount of activity, you need to meet a 90-day AdWords spend requirement of 10,000 US Dollars across your managed accounts. To show that your company has a good amount of activity, you need to meet a 90-day AdWords spend requirement of more than 10,000 US Dollar across your managed accounts. And we spend more than 40,000 US Dollar on Google AdWords campaign per month.


When it comes to performance, high performance keeps our customers happy and helps in improving our standing as a Google Partner. And we have excelled at that too! Look at the screenshot below for your reference.  You can see that the level of our performance is much more than that is required by Google to be their Premier Partner.



Below are described some of the advantages that you will get if you work with a Google Premier Partner as ourselves

        1.   Guaranteed results within your budget

We know our business well, we know what we do and with our proven expertise, we can guarantee you definite results within a certain time-frame. There is no guess-work or budget burning chances. We make sure that you acquire lower conversion cost as well as cost per click by improving the quality score, click through rate and we have something for every budget. In short- we give you what you want.

        2.   Work with certified analysts and account managers

If a company achieves Google Partner status, it will have employees who are Google AdWords certified, managing your accounts. Google makes sure that these certifications are current and that the agency or the company meets Google’s standards for account management.

         3.   Stay ahead of the competition with Beta Features

Companies that have achieved a Google Partner badge, for example, SERP Consultancy, can have access to Google’s Beta features. This means, if Google develops a new application or feature, its partners can use and test this feature for a year or more before it is available to the general public. Imagine the advantages that you will get by using Google’s marketing features before your competitors have access to it!

        4.   Have access to the masters of AdWords features

As Google Partners know all the features of AdWords very well, they know how to use them in a way that is greatly profitable to their clients. Our analysts master in things such as the use of negative keywords, ad extensions, split testing with AdWords, phrase match keywords, ad scheduling, broad match modified keywords, site links inside of ads and many more.

        5.   Keep up with the best practices in PPC

In order to maintain the Google Partner status, team members of a company must take certification exams in AdWords Fundamentals, Shopping, Display, Search, Mobile and Video Advertising. Partners can even attend free training sessions, so that they can keep up with the latest PPC practices. If you work with us, you can rest assured that we know all the latest PPC strategies and will do our best to bring profit to your business.

Our relationship with Google is great and we have a long track history with their representatives. We get to know about all the new and upcoming features. And as we are a Premier Partner of Google, we get access to a number of benefits. Some of them are

  • Invitations to all the exclusive Google events
  • Showing the prestigious Google Premier Partner badge on our website, and other online and offline marketing materials, is a big credibility boost for us as a company
  • Having access to advanced support and training
  • Having a company profile as well as visibility on the Google Partner Search website
  • The ability to achieve company specialisations

We know that without the support and appreciation of our satisfied clients, we would not be able to achieve Google’s highest distinction. That’s why we want to thank our each and every one of our clients heartily for placing their trust in us. We are looking forward to continuing this successful and blissful journey with you and work even harder to boost and grow your business even further.

Thank You!

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