Why You Should Revise Your Keywords from Time to Time?

Finding a list of keywords that can bring targeted and convertible visitors to your website is always a challenge. You have to be a mind reader to incorporate the search terms that your customers might use to look for your products or services. There are several free and paid tools available to build your keyword list but the point we wish to concentrate is that – is it a one time job for your website?  Would it be enough to build your keyword list once and then continue with web promotion for months and even years with the same list?

No way! People used to make search using different terms from time to time. So, search trend, search volume etc. varies after some time span. You need to follow current search trends and can’t rely only on “once popular search terms”. Keyword revision is important for all commercial websites selling some services or products.  So, if you are targeting some old-school keywords for years, most possibly you are losing a vast amount of traffic.

Fortunately there is a service called SEO Audit – that analyzes your SEO efforts and determines the actions needed to be performed. The prime most important aspect of the SEO audit service is to revise your keywords by analyzing current search trend, landing pages etc. and then determining the factors and strategy you need to execute to achieve the desired result.

So if you are not getting enough leads from your website you need a thorough SEO audit by starting from the keyword revision.