Engage With Your Audience on YouTube and Google Video Partners

Have you ever wanted to reach new potential customers? Well, Google made it quite easy to engage with new customers by launching an exciting new concept of video-based ads.

At SERP Consultancy, we provide the best of all ad video campaign setup services that suit different types of advertisers. Respecting our client’s purpose and goals of setting up a video ad campaign, we ensure that it helps increase engagement across various digital channels.

What is Google Ads Video Campaign?

The Google Ads Video Campaign is perfect for anyone who wants to leverage the power of storytelling in the form of videos and reach customers on YouTube and other Google video partners. Experts say that video ads can help broaden your brand awareness.

Other than the fact that video ads convert sales and do well among mobile users, not everyone can setup a Google Ads Video Campaign all by themselves.

Google Ads Video Campaign Package Details:

Max No. of Videos 3 6 12
Max No. of Campaign 1 1 2
Max No. of AdGroups 2 3 6
Skippable in-stream ad
In-feed video ad
Keywords Targeting
Ad Extensions
Topics Targeting ×
Demographic Targeting
Placement Targeting ×
Video Shopping Ads × ×
Product Specific Video Ads × ×
Custom Audience Targeting 2 – Affinity + In-market 3 – Target Keywords + Affinity + In-market 5 – Target Keywords + Affinity + In-market + Remarketing
Merchant Account Setup × ×
Delivery Time 5 days 5 days 10 days
Service Cost $125 $199 $399
  Order Now Order Now Order Now
Basic Video Creation   $29 per video Add to Cart
Additional Audience Targeting   $29 per audience group Add to Cart
Competitors Channels Research & Targeting   $49 per competitor Add to Cart
Optimised Product Feed Creation (per 50 products)   $99 Add to Cart

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P.S: $500 Free Ad Credit for New Advertisers

How do you Benefit?

  • Reach your targeted audience on YouTube through Google Video Partners. It’s the easiest way to reach people by targeting demographics, keywords, and topics.
  • Drive more traffic and get more sales as your business reaches the right audience.
  • Build an awareness of your brand
  • Have control and measure your success. You can keep a track of your budget, costs, and views through Google Ads account.

Why Choose Us:

  • We manage over $90k AdWords Spend per month for our various clients
  • We are an Official Google Ads Premier Partner
  • We have a proven track Record
  • We are an expert, certified team with experience in diverse campaigns. Our specialists are well-informed and understand what they do and what to expect – no budget burning chances and no guesswork.
  • You get a dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact. Communication is convenient and easy.

It takes an expert who can assure an excellent format and encouraging results at the end of the day. Why wait? Contact us today to set up your ideal Google Ads Video Campaign.

Video Ad Ideas


Sample Basic Video Ad Link – https://youtu.be/k4EkapIoCR4


Sample Basic Video Ad Link – https://youtu.be/n3GeQWkZJwM


Sample Basic Video Ad Link – https://youtu.be/NIAr6qZErxA


Sample Basic Video Ad Link – https://youtu.be/YvDCei035DM


Sample Basic Video Ad Link – https://youtu.be/2xUC6N8nSHQ


Sample Basic Video Ad Link – https://youtu.be/CumrfRqH4kQ

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