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Defend Your Brand Reputation on Social Media - Online Identity Theft Protection Service

Can you imagine, if your existing or prospective clients Google your company name or brand name and find a result on top that is promoting your company negatively? Or that they see fake/real negative reviews? Or that they find very thin to no information about your company? What if Google shows results that are representing your brand badly but you do not have any control on those pages.

There is no dearth of identity thieves and other miscreants who may appropriate your brand or username to serve their own purposes – anywhere on the web. If you want to guard against appropriation or misrepresentation of your brand, you must take the requisite steps to ensure that your brand is protected. If you are a business owner or individual and wish to secure your brand identity over the internet, then here we are, with complete identity protection and management solutions.

Secure all top positions on Google for your Brand Name Search by opting any of the packages below ­

Most Popular Plan
Essential Standard Ultimate
Once Off Reputation Management Package
Number of authority websites that would be used for Profile setup 25 sites 50 sites 100 sites
Adding Your Company Logo / Images
Adding Short Business Description (unique profile description would be used)
Adding Contact Information
Adding Social Links
Public Profile URL
URL Customization to reflect brand name (if/as allowed)
Report Delivery Time 5 days 7 days 10 days
Investment $99 $175 $299
  Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart
Monthly Reputation Management Package
Search Position Monitored and Protected 1 - 10 1 - 20 1 - 40
Brand Related Search Keyword Protection 1 2 4
Competitors’ reputation monitoring and profile setup to those websites or registering brands in new sites 5 10 20
Posting updates – industry related news, interesting/inspiring quotes, uploading images, videos as per the scope weekly weekly weekly
Community building / followers management as per the scope
Content Creation & Marketing
Listicle Sharing 1 per month 2 per month 3 per month
How to Article Sharing × 1 per quarter 1 per quarter
Press Release Sharing 1 per quarter 1 bi-monthly 1 per month
Image Sharing
Map Links / Address Mapping sites
Positive Review / Citation Building 5 per quarter 10 per quarter 20 per quarter
PDF/Doc Sharing
Classified Ads 1 per month 2 per month 4 per month
Presentation (PPT) Sharing × 1 per quarter
Infographic Sharing × 1 per quarter 1 per quarter
QA Links × × 1 per quarter
Quiz Links × × 1 per quarter
Video Sharing (not includes video creation) × × 1 per quarter
ORM Activity Report
Investment per Month (3 month minimum contract duration) $99 $175 $299
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If you wish to endorse ORM for any particular country / countries then do let us know and we will use as many websites as possible specific to those countries.


  • Increased Brand Visibility: Your brand’s visibility increases all over the internet, if anybody searches your company name or brand name with Google – maximum results will point to your brand related results.
  • Identity Protection: We will register profiles across various social media and web 2.0 websites using your brand name as username and most of the sites provide a public profile URL which contains your brand name. These public profile pages rank on Google when somebody searches with your brand name. So before anybody else claims your identity - you should secure it in all those websites.
  • Backlinks: Provide high quality backlinks to your main website
  • More Traffic to Your Website: We guarantee the generation of productive traffic to your main website.

Still confused ? Not sure if you need the service? Wondering why should you secure your brand in social media?

Here’s why. Your brand’s identity on social media, that is, the photos, videos and updates under its name speaks volumes about who you are – they create your image on social media. Suppose a competitor or some unrelated brand starts publishing content, photos and updates under your name – that would spell disaster for your brand – it will affect the opinion people have about your brand. Your clients and consumers will get confused, they may change their mind about hiring your services, and they may form a negative opinion about your brand. To prevent such a situation, you could consider spending a little time and effort on protecting your brand in the virtual sphere. Get brand security and save yourself some regrets. You can easily ensure that you have exclusive control over your brand pages from now on. It’s simple. We can project the right image for you on social media and the rest of the web. That’s what we do. That’s why we’re here.

"Prevention is better than cure" ­ react fast and lock your digital identity from any possible misuse today!

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