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There is no denying the fact that incorporating video into your online marketing strategy is turning into a necessity these days. Want to see your company name on the top of the search engine results? Well, it’s possible with video search engine optimisation. With this, your customers are more likely to see the name of your company on top of the results. As opposed to a website link, people tend to click on a video link. Users prefer watching video rather than reading text on a screen.

When customers repeatedly find your business on top of search results and watch your videos for information, you become an instant industry authority. While making a buying decision, it is you that they think of and trust what you say.

Video Search Engine Optimization Packages:

Startup Basic Advance
SEO Package:
Total number of videos promoted 1 2 3
Total number of target keywords 4 8 12
Total number of guaranteed Top 10 results on YouTube.com and / or Google’s Video Search Engine within 4 -6 months 2 4 6
Keyword research and recommendation
Competitor Analysis
Video SEO Diagnostics Report
VIDEO content optimization
Building of theme-based video channel on YouTube.com or theme design for existing video channel on YouTube or Schema, Facebook, Twitter friendly meta tag implementation for site hosted video
Video Title optimization
Video description
Video tag optimization
URL name optimization
Video XML Sitemap Preparation (if the video is integrated or hosted in the website)
Google Analytics/Google Webmaster account setup
OFFPAGE optimization(per month or quarter /per package):
Press releases development in support of video (500 words) 1 per quarter 1 per quarter 2 per quarter
Number of Press Release Distributions by Integrating the Video 5 10 20
Article development in support of videos 3 per month 5 per month 10 per month
Posting the article to Web 2.0 sites / blogging platform by integrating the video
Social bookmarking of video to Top 10 social bookmarking channels
Sharing the video through social media channels (Facebook, twitter etc.) 5 per month 10 per month 15 per month
Other Services
Monthly Performance Report
Monthly Task Details Report
Monthly Price $100 $175 $275
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  • Contact us if you wish to promote more videos or want a custom VSEO package.
  • We can also do paid advertising for the video through Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Facebook adverts based on the budget (additional service cost will apply).


1) Monthly cost: Our Video SEO Guarantee becomes valid after 6 month of uninterrupted payment.

2) Guarantee: Top 10 positions are guaranteed for keywords that have been accepted by both the client and SERP CONSULTANCY for search engine optimization after SERP CONSULTANCY performs a keyword competitive analysis. The Video SEO Guarantee is valid only after a full, uninterrupted 6-month term and is provided only for rankings on YouTube.com and Google’s Video search engine. If SERP CONSULTANCY fails to achieve guaranteed rankings within 6 months, SERP CONSULTANCY is committed to continue Video SEO efforts without any additional cost to the client for 3 additional months. If after 9 months, Top 10 ranking results have not been achieved for one or more key phrases, SERP CONSULTANCY is committed to reimburse the client for the proportion of keywords that have not achieved the ranking objective.


1. What is video SEO?

Video search engine optimisation, commonly known as Video SEO or VSEO, is the practice of optimising your video that is accompanied with contents for search engines, through major video websites such as Metcafe and Youtube. If you optimise content with the video, search engines will be able to display the results for videos more accurately, both in video and organic search.

2. What are the benefits that Video SEO can provide my company?

• Quick rank in SERP

The top priority of an SEO is to rank on top of the first page of Google for their targeted keywords. With video SEO, it is 53 times easier to rank on top (according to Forrester Research) in Google SERP for your targeted keywords than it is to rank a normal webpage.

• More traffic and conversion

Online video is becoming more popular day by day. Some major websites like Youtube gets a large volume of visitorseveryday. So, in order to gain more traffic or conversions for your website, you can utilise the video search engine optimisation services.

• Brand awareness

You can provide messages to your users with your videos, explaining your product and services and how they can get benefitted by them. As your users become more acquainted with your organisation, it will provide you with an additional branding benefit.

3. What SERP Consultancy can do for me?

Our team of experienced video search engine optimisation professionals can focus on optimising the video along with textual content that is associated with it. In order to make your video rank higher in the search results, various on-page and off-page techniques are applied to your videos.

For maximum visibility with relative and effective content, your video is submitted to different video website and directories. Our competent team will make sure that your video is given ratings and comments. Also, for greater exposer, branding initiatives and more incoming links, your video will be manually submitted to various social bookmarking websites.

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