Google Ads Display Campaign Setup with Free $500 Ad Credit

Boost your website traffic, increase your business reach & sales as you create awareness about your brand with Google Ads Display Campaign

We, at SERP Consultancy, help clients meet their advertising goals by setting up Google Ads display campaigns. Our packages are just perfect to promote a brand or for lead generation, ensuring maximum reach for a single or multiple products or services.

What is Google Ads Display Campaign?

Display ads are the ads that are shown when customers browse websites or spend time on Google-owned properties like Gmail and YouTube, based on their previous online activity. Google Ads serves ads on the Google Display Network. This is a collection of more than 2 million websites that reach almost 90% of users throughout the globe.

Google Display Network works to define the target audience in a way that search engines cannot. It is possible to target websites based on custom intent keywords, in-market segments, and audience affinities. It is also possible to hand-pick placements that fit the targeted audience.

Through display ads, ads are put in front of people before they start searching for the products or services that a business offers. It is a key advertising strategy that brings more traffic and leads and creates brand awareness.

With our Google Ads Display campaign setup, you are a step closer to gaining visibility across Google’s properties.

Google Ads Display Campaign Setup Packages

Max No. of Campaigns 1 1 2
Max No. of AdGroups 3 5 10
Max No. of Keywords 30 50 100
Ad Extensions
Responsive Text Ads 3 5 10
Responsive Image Ads 3 5 10
Basic Video Ads × 1 3
Topic Research & Targeting
Placement Research & Targeting
Custom Audience Targeting × 1 3
Delivery Time 4 days 7 days 10 days
Service Cost $125 $225 $349
  Order Now Order Now Order Now
Basic Video Creation   $29 Add to Cart
Competitors Channels Research & Targeting (per competitor)   $49 Add to Cart
Configure Google Tag Manager   $29 Add to Cart
Install Conversion Code   $29 Add to Cart
Install/configure Google Analytics   $29 Add to Cart

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P.S: $500 Free Ad Credit for New Advertisers

How Do You Benefit?

  • Build a campaign that can drive sales, generate leads, increase website traffic, and build awareness about your brand.
  • Reach out to people at multiple spaces like YouTube, Gmail, millions of websites and apps.
  • Get quicker results. Results are quicker than SEO. It might take months to get results from long hours of SEO but not so with Google ads, where results can be monitored regularly.
  • It’s easy to measure success because detailed reports are available with information related to clicks, value for such clicks and more.

Why Choose Us:

  • We manage over $90k AdWords Spend per month for our various clients
  • We are an Official Google Ads Premier Partner
  • We have a proven track Record
  • We are an expert, certified team with experience in diverse campaigns. Our specialists are well-informed and understand what they do and what to expect – no budget burning chances and no guesswork.
  • You get a dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact. Communication is convenient and easy.

Our experts will be happy to assist you further. Contact us today and extend your ad reach with us accurately, in the most convenient way!

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