Google Ads Audit

You will get Google Ads Campaign Audit & Winning Strategy by Google Ads Premier Partner

Are you running Google Ads but still not able to see an increase in leads? Or are you looking for improved ROI from your ads campaign? No matter what your concern is, you need to get your Google Ads account audited.

SERP Consultancy’s Google Ads audit service can help you to understand how your campaign is performing and if any improvements are needed. The audit will be done by a Google-certified professional who will thoroughly look into different aspects of your Google Ads campaign.

Our expert will then evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and check for hidden issues that might be hurting your campaign. Timely and proper identification of all these issues is critical to improving the performance of the ads.

The Need for Google Ads Audit:

A Google Ads audit will help in finding more about the performance of the current account, about the gaps in the account and about opportunities that can be explored.

Tasks that are performed include the following:

  • Assessing the performance of the ads thoroughly and making changes to the ad copies based on the ads that are performing well.
  • Reviewing the use of keywords and optimising the keyword bidding strategies
  • Tracking conversions to get the correct ROI
  • Maximising the ad space by increasing ad extensions or setting up ad space.
  • Exploring opportunities for expansion
  • Finding ways to improve the management process

Google Ads Audit Package Details:

Max No. of Campaigns 1 2 3
Max No. of AdGroups (Search/Display/Shopping) 3 6 12
Audit Report with Actionable Recommendations
Merchant Account Review ×
Product Feed Review × ×
Audit Report with Actionable Recommendations ×
AWinning Strategy ×
Call/Chat session 15 mins 30 mins
Number of Bidding & Budget Suggestions 1 2 3
Ad Type Recommendations
Delivery Time 2 days 3 days 3 days
Service Cost $25 $45 $85
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What We Need

  • Google Analytics Access — To analyze your best performing keywords
  • Google Webmaster Account Access — It will help us to understand how Googlebot sees your site and analyze other factors. We will create an account if you don´t have any (FTP access is also required in that case).
  • PPC Account Access

For more clarifications regarding our Google Ads Audit service - please email us at sales@serp-consultancy.com.

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