Amazon Advertising

Get Discovered & Drive Sales with Our Amazon Advertising Services

For customers, Amazon is not just a place to shop their favourite products, but it is also an outlet to find out new brands and products. 80% customers have claimed that they discovered new brands and products on Amazon. To make the most of it, businesses have now started focusing on Amazon advertising to reach out to millions of customers.

We, at SERP Consultancy help sellers, who are looking towards having their products on top of Amazon’s search listings.Try our Amazon Advertising services and watch the differences in your sales!

Amazon Sponsored Ads- What We Will Do for You

  • Create the perfect ad campaign for you.
  • Create as well as test the Ad Groups.
  • Choose the right SKUs, thereby increasing the chance of winning the Buy Box.
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Management

How Amazon Advertising Can Increase Sales?

  • Global Reach: As products are widely campaigned through sponsored posts or PPC, they get global visibility and impression. In fact, a single PPC campaign can help in getting millions of views daily and in just a few seconds.
  • Get Discovered: Ads appear at strategic places where customers can easily see them. They appear in the first page of search results, in the product pages and offer an instant visibility boost.
  • Control Costs: Amazon sponsored ads are cost-per click. Thus, you pay only when customers click the ads. Costs are totally under control because the spend can be controlled by setting a budget and selecting how much to bid per click.
  • Device Friendly:Amazon PPC campaign is quite popular because of its device-friendly nature. The sponsored product link can be displayed on tablets, smartphones and Amazon Apps on mobiles.

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