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The Short Story of Our Company

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified, vibrant, fast moving, customer centric organisation whose core values are creativity, collaboration, trust, honesty, quality and respect.

We are a full service digital marketing company specialising in SEO, PPC, SMM and Web Design including SEO optimised coding to generate qualified traffic and leads for your business.

Our ethical White Hat digital marketing approaches and proven expertise can guarantee you excellent results within a certain timeframe.

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    Foundation of the Company
    April, 2010

    They say that every business has to start somewhere... Prodosh Kundu – the Founder & CEO of SERP Consultancy, started his career as an internet marketer early in 2004. He observed that the quality of work is a big issue as far as digital marketing is concerned. Most companies treat it as secondary in order of importance and don’t even have subject matter expertise! So the journey started as a specialised digital marketing company with 3 in-house staff members and some offshore team members to offer high quality services at very competitive prices.

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    First Rented Office
    Feb, 2011

    We were completely client focused from the very beginning and our client retention rate was almost 100% even in those days. We got new business automatically from references, without any other marketing efforts – that is, we did not have to try too hard. The space in our Home Office was already insufficient by that time and we realised that now we had to take up a commercial office space on rent.

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    International SEO Services Launched
    May, 2012

    We were focused on expanding our business further. However, the competition was formidable as usual, and we had budgetary constraints as well. We were looking for several ways to expand, and eventually observed that the competition in International SEO specifically, was still a bare minimum. We worked really hard to offer SEO and Link Building services in French, German, Italian and Spanish languages. Things worked out beyond our imagination and our business growth was almost 100% at the end of that fiscal year.

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    The Team
    April, 2013

    We were facing a huge resource crunch at that time for several new project loads. We started to hire more offshore and in-house staffs. However, we have found that the commitment and work quality of our offshore team members were not up to the mark compared to that of our in-house staff. We then felt that the office space needed to be expanded for sure in order to accommodate more in-house team members.

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    New Office Purchased
    Jan, 2014

    We have started our operations from our brand new office located at the most prestigious IT hub of Kolkata – Salt Lake, Sector – V. It is a place where living and working will not just be redefined but multiplied – the only cure for the quintessential workaholic.

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    Established a Training Institute
    Jan, 2015

    We felt that it was getting difficult to source quality digital marketing experts who have in-depth knowledge of what they do. SEO was no longer a cakewalk due to Google’s several rank algorithm updates and it now demands true expertise and excellent skills. White Hat Academy was formed to fulfil the demand for qualified digital marketers.

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    Achieved Google Premier Partner Status
    September, 2016

    We were a Google Partner since 2011, but in September, 2016, we have promoted as Google Premier Partner. We were managing over $40K AdWords Spends per month for our various clients. We also achieved specialisation in Google Search advertising, Mobile advertising and Shopping advertising.

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    Nominated for Google Mobile Innovation Award
    August, 2017

    As a Premier Google Partner, we provide smart and innovative solution to our clients every day. Every year Google organises a premier partner award program and it was a very proud moment for us to get shortlisted as one of the Top 5 companies in India under the Google Mobile Advertising category.

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    The Future
    August, 2019

    We will keep our small agency values and stay committed to helping our clients regardless of their business size. We are large enough to serve your needs well, and small enough to care. We are honest, energetic, and friendly and always will be.

We are Premier Google Partner

We are among those Top 5% Google Partners who able to achieve the “Premier Partner” status. We can produce the best possible ROI from any given advertising budget.

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We Work for Your Profit

When working with us, your margins increase - it´s that simple. All you really need is to add some industry experts - reliable, competent and experienced.

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At Your Service Always

We function similar to your in-house team, and work with the same commitment and dedication. Our team strongly relies on the core values like honesty and integrity.

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Client is Always Right

We believe you know your business better than anyone else and strongly prioritise your opinion. We work the way you want us to.

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Business Ethics

We are a fully customer centric organisation whose core values are creativity, collaboration, trust, honesty, quality and respect.

Partner Ethics

100% white label fully managed outsourcing service. We sign NDA and respect your privacy and data security.

Team Ethics

Customer focused, highly qualified, motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic, YES – we have it all! Small enough to care perfectly and large enough to serve efficiently.

SEO Ethics

Guaranteed results or money back! We can meet any budget and offer the best possible solutions within your budget.

PPC Ethics

No guesswork, budget burning or excuses – we know what we do and what would be the impact.

Content Ethics

We read 100 lines before writing a single line about your business. We deliver 100% unique, well researched, grammatically correct content or give your money back.

Our Vision

Every day we go to work to help our clients succeed. At SERP Consultancy, we measure our success by yours.

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My main goal was decreasing the Cost per Conversion desperately. I’m thankful to your team that they have taken it very close to my targeted CPA level now and I’m confident that things are going in the right direction. (via email – paraphrased)
Charlie Brown
Altenrhein, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
Project / Engagement Type: Pay Per Click Campaign Management
Outstanding service and great people to work with – highly recommended.
Chris Ogle
Watford, UK
Project / Engagement Type: Reseller
Thanks for following all our instructions carefully – everything looks good and exactly as we wanted. We have already placed another order - please follow the same instructions as before to complete this batch. (via email – paraphrased)
Elena Manzoni - Naxa Srl
Lomagna, Italy
Project / Engagement Type: Italian Link Building
I like the quality of the articles – they were very well researched and thank you so much for such a quick turnaround. (via email – paraphrased)
Lynn Albro
California, US
Project / Engagement Type: Blog Content Writing
Perfect quality and all done according to the plan. (Got 5 Star Rating via Upwork)
Project / Engagement Type: Finance / Forex Link building
Thanks for the reports. The links are made as per our expectations and exactly what you people have explained to me before. I will place more orders soon, thank you. (via email)
Beijing, China
Project / Engagement Type: French & German Link Building
Quick and efficient job. Highly recommended. Thanks (Got 5 Star Rating via Upwork)
Francisco Salvetti
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Project / Engagement Type: Spanish Contextual Link Building
I’m satisfied with the results that you have achieved in just 3 months. I have 4 more sites and would like to hire a dedicated SEO expert from your team in the next month. (via Skype)
Jeroen Willems
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Project / Engagement Type: Monthly SEO Package

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