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Grow Your Business by Hiring Result Driven True Digital Marketing Experts

Are you an agency or individual struggling to grow your business and client base? Are you looking for skilful resources to scale new heights and control costs at the same time?

Well, here we come with the perfect blend of skillset and experience that you need.Building a remote digital marketing team with us, gives you the total package - full flexibility, control, quality assurance and at the same time, reduces your operating cost on board.

How it Works

Problems You Face

  • With growth comes magnified responsibilities and workload, it is difficult to manage the increasing workload and clients.
  • Keeping up with the complexity of the digital marketing needs of various clients can become impossible, especially when you are growing.
  • You have got business pouring in - that’s amazing! But hiring full-time employees is a costly affair.
  • If full-time employees are too costly, finding the right partner who is consistent, responsive, and also offers high-quality services at a reasonable price is a difficult task indeed.

Hire Digital Marketing Experts on Hourly Basis or Fixed Discounted Price

Be more profitable, flexible and efficient by choosing any of our remote staffing solutions below –

Dedicated Hiring

Your hired resources will exclusively work for you -full time, part time or on an hourly hiring basis. Save more than 60% in-house staffing costs, by setting up your virtual office here, at SERP Consultancy for day-to-day digital marketing works.


If you wish to place bulk orders and looking for discounts, then that model will work best for you. We can make custom packages as well, based on your allocated budget on client to client basis.


Dedicated Offshore Hiring Model
Full Time Monthly Hiring (8 hours per day) $1199 $1349
Part Time Monthly Hiring (4 hours per day) $699 $799
Hourly Hiring $12 $15
Hire for 10 Hours Trial Buy Now Buy Now
Gold Reseller Platinum Reseller
Reseller Discount Model
Discounts (On our listed prices for any package) 20% 30%
Rebranded Report
100% White Label
Advance Deposit $2000 $3500
Deposit Now Add to Cart Add to Cart

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Top 10 Benefits

1. Pay Only for What You Need

Who said you have to choose an existing package and pay for what you don’t need? We are far more flexible and supportive. Our outsourcing options allow you freedom like never before.
You can reap the benefits of digital marketing for your business by choosing packages that fit your budget and suits the specific needs of your company.

2. Flexibility

Our services offer flexibility that matches your workload requirements. You can hire us full-time, part-time or on an hourly basis. You have the flexibility to create custom packages that suit your budget and profitability. Our team offers flexibility, and quickly adapt to the demands of the project.

3. Full Support

Got a question? Well, we have the answers for you. Whether you want to ask questions regarding your current package, how work is progressing, or in case you need some advice - we are here to hear you out and help you. Always!

4. Money Matters

We ensure that you get 100% satisfaction and real value for your money. Choose our pay for performance SEO service. Get guaranteed results or claim a refund! Yes, you can get a refund in case you don’t see any improvement.

5. Dedication

You thought remote teams are not as dedicated as an in-house team? Have you tried SERP Consultancy’s outsourcing yet? Know the way we work and it will change your idea of remote working forever. Our team works dedicatedly so that you can focus on your core business activities.

6. Time Sheet

Know how the work is progressing with a detailed and well maintained time sheet. You will always be able to keep track of how we are using your purchased hours.

Please click here to see a sample timesheet for dedicated hiring.

7. Total Control

Having a quick and efficient team is not enough if you do not have control over them. We will assign you an account manager who will serve as a single point of contact. Not only it is easy to communicate, but it is easy to manage as well. Your account manager will keep you updated on every little progress.

8. White Label Services

We will remain 100% invisible to your clients – we can sign NDA if needed.

9. Fast Turnaround

We offer a fast turnaround time as you will have skilled professionals working dedicatedly on your project. Expect quick solutions to unexpected turnabouts.

10. Quick Support via Phone, Skype or WhatsApp

When you work with us, you will get full support on your projects. From technical queries to advice, we will help you with everything.

Mutual Growth!

We offer all the essentials that you will love as an agency. With our expert qualified professionals managing your projects, you can grow without worrying about the workload. When you hire us, you get quality!

  • Total Control
  • Fast Turnaround
  • White Label Service

We expertly handle all the workloads of growing agencies, just like being a part of your team. Everything remains invisible to your clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us right away to setup your virtual office today!

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