The Infographics Way to Drive Traffic

Back in the year 2004, when I just started my SEO career as a beginner, my first assigned task was to scan all old posts and blogs, all the while bolding and un-bolding keywords. We were specifically asked to ‘insert’ keywords and ensure they appeared a certain number of times in the content. We were told, it is going to help the website rank better in search engines. It was an important part of search engine optimisation and we were updating the content for search engines to scan. SEO back then, was mostly about stuffed keywords in content…and YES, surprisingly, it did work!!

Thankfully, SEO has evolved from such boring simplicity over all these years. It is no longer about keyword stuffing, spamming blogs, bulk directory submissions or tweaking back-end codes to rank higher in search engines. Google stamped out all these shady practices in the next few years, which are no longer effective. Google is known to keep changing its search algorithm more than 500 times in a year often surprising search marketers and the online marketing industry.

Today, SEO connects – it connects generations of information-hungry individuals to targeted information, all through personalised, easily accessible and engaging content &media.

Yes, content is still the ‘King’! Unique and ‘High Quality’ content still attracts the attention of search engines and will continue to do so for a long-time! However, the presentation style or nature of content has changed!

Visual Storytelling Makes a Difference

With the popularity of social media and mobile networking, infographics have taken over the digital marketing scene with a bang! Making the most of the burst, digital marketers are including Infographics as an integral part of their SEO strategy!

So…how are these infographics different? Why do they get viral so easily?

  1. Eye-Catching and Persuasive:

Web surfers love information. People are fond of figures, numbers & statistics and they love to share interesting graphics. A well-crafted infographic looks nice, should ideally include interesting information, should have an easy-flowing pattern and visually pleasing.

  1. Drive more Traffic:

An interestingly crafted infographic is compelling. It naturally drives more traffic because people are likely to share visual content more. That’s how we come across ‘viral’ videos and images. Its not just about sharing an infographic, but its about making your brand popular as well.

  1. Easily Read, Quickly Understood and Remembered Long:

Statistics reveal that our human brain processes visuals at least 60,000 times faster than text. Also, it is known that 65% people are visual learners. Undoubtedly, visual information is processed faster by the human brain. Readers quickly understand the message conveyed through infographics and they remember it for a long time even after leaving the page.

  1. The Help SEO:

Research reveals that visuals are shared more than traditional text content. Infographics by their nature, make people click them, ‘like’ them and often share then. Thus, it is great for your SEO as Google indexes the website higher.

  1. Portable and Embeddable:

The embeddable design of an infographic is one of the major benefits. When the embed code is uploaded along with the infographic, others can easily share the content by simply embedding it in their webpages. This embedded infographic automatically links back to your website. Thus, you have readers from other websites quite easily.

  1. Build Connections:

Infographics help in teaching or educating people in a subtle and interesting way.Ideally, they should include statistics, engaging content and unusual or trending information. They are not meant just for selling. They help in building connections with the target audience. People love to connect with the brand which keeps in mind their interest and doesn’t think only about sales!

Keeping with the trends, we at SERP Consultancy offer best infographic marketing solutions for our clients. To get started, all you need to do is download our infographic submission details form (once you have placed an order), fill it up and send it back to us. We will do the rest!

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