Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Must Consider

In the past year alone digital marketing platforms earned about $60 billion in revenue from mobile ads. Smart and aggressive digital marketing is the need of the hour to put your business ahead of your competitors. Every business must keep up with the trends to stay relevant in the dynamic changing world of digital marketing.

Consider the 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019:

AI Marketing

As per Gartner almost 85% of consumer-enterprise relationships will not involve human interactions. Most of us,love tointeract with chatbot when visiting a website. AI’s ability to read and predict user behavior through data makes it a must have marketing armor. Adopting this technology can save a lot of money and time for every business.

Voice Search

Voice Search has taken great leaps in the past couple of years. In the US alone, voice sales are expected to increase to $40 billion in the year 2022 from $1.8 billion. Its popularity has grown in such a short time as it offers a compelling alternative to typing. Major brands like Google, Amazon have invested into voice operated gadgets big time. To tap into voice traffic specific optimization or tweaks are needed like including some conversational keywords, improving the site load time to name a few.

Video Marketing

As per a latest survey by Cisco, by the year 2021 video will constitute about 82% of the total traffic of a website. Video streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube have emerged as leading players in this segment. This form of content is seen as far more effective than the other forms. Pushing your service or business through video to consumers has never been easier. It is essential that all businesses jump on the video bandwagon in the coming days.

Messenger Ads or In-App Ads

With over 2 million apps available on the Google Play Store, messenger apps are an untapped marketing goldmine.  Targeting specific demographics to send out personalized ads through platforms such as Facebook messenger or whatsapp is on the rise. They serve as an extremely efficient tool when foraying into newer markets or testing out new strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing via Social Media is a powerful marketing tool or strategy which every business enterprise should look forward to. With more and more diverse users being added on social media its reach is ever so expanding. Native Advertisement, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing etc. are some of the ways to market on this platform.

Before opting for any of the marketing strategies listed above, we must carefully consider and review all of these from a business point of view. At the end of the day every business is unique and what works for one will not necessarily work for the others.

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