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Search Engine Optimization is not a onetime deal as your competition never sleeps. To dominate your competitors you need to go on with some strategic SEO approaches. Understanding which components are best for your business and implementing organic SEO plans that exceed your expectations is what we do best at SERP Consultancy. Whether you are just a startup or big enterprise – our customized SEO solutions can satisfy your needs from every aspects and our successful track records can guarantee you the best value for your money. We can meet any given monthly budget and produce best possible results.

We prefer to prepare custom tasks after analysing your website and believe that there can’t be any stereotype or predefined task list that works for every website! Also we tweak our strategy usually on each quarter or whenever required based on the progress made. Contact us today with your website URL and approx monthly budget and be assured to get the best deal you ever had or can ever get from the industry!

Below are some indicative tasks under different budget and their deliverables.

Most Popular Plan
Startup Basic Advance Aggressive
Comprehensive Keyword analysis
Comprehensive Website analysis
Maximum Number of Landing Pages that would be Targeted 3 5 8 12
Minimum Number of Keywords Guaranteed Top 20 listing in Google within 3 months Note: Rank Guarantee includes actual targeted keywords and close variants of the actual keywords such as singular/plural, niche variants and synonyms. If we unable to achieve that position within the first 3 months - you will not be billed further until we achieve that ranking! 4 7 12 20
Minimum Number of Keywords Assured Top 10 listing in Google within 6 months 2 3 6 10
On-page Optimization (actual tasks may vary as per our analysis and requirements)
Page Title & Meta Data Preparation
Robots.txt Creation / Optimization
Sitemap.xml Creation / Optimization
SEO Friendly Redirects as Needed
Content Optimization heading (H1), keyword density, keyword prominence, keyword proximity analysis and optimization as needed
SEO Friendly URL Rewrite ×
Internal Link Structure Optimization - Siloing × ×
Descriptive HTML Sitemap × ×
Image Optimization × ×
Custom WP Blog Setup in Your Website × ×
Off-page Optimization (actual tasks will vary as per our analysis and requirements)
High Quality Directory Submissions
Local Listing Submission / Optimization
Positive Review / Citation for Your Website ×
Links from the Press Release Sites
Links from the Related Blogs / Forums (commenting) ×
Links from the Social Boiokmarking Sites
Links from the Local Search / B2B sites
Contextual Link Building
Guest Blogging ×
Profile Setup in Social Media Sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook Fan Page etc.)
Profile Personalization with Custom Images, Templates in Social Media Sites
Social Media Promotion and Profile Management ×
Secondary Link Building Secondary link building done to increase the value of your direct linking pages.
All Required Content Development Articles, press releases, blog posts etc. as per the package
Website Maintenance Webmaster account, Malware/spyware affection checking and error fixing, Canonical issue checking and fixing, Brand reputation management etc.
Monthly Reports Keyword position analysis report, Link building progress report, Comprehensive traffic analysis reports
Webmaster Account Setup
Google Analytics Setup
Investment per Month $149 $229 $449 $799
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We are very sure that no one else in the industry can offer you such affordable, transparent SEO packages and measurable results. We are 100% confident about what we do and therefore can GUARANTEE YOU RESULT.

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Please Note:

  • We can prepare custom SEO packages both for English and Non-English websites including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian websites.
  • The task list under each package above is just an indication and actual task would be different based on the requirments and budget.

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