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Did you know that in every 24hrs more than 70,000 new blogs are come to live? As of 16 February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence. On the other hand, WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in use on internet. In the U.S. alone, as of August, 2011, 22 out of every 100 new active domains are running WordPress (source: www.wikipedia.org). Also see Google’s search stats (as on 15th March, 2012) below to estimate how many searches occur each month for free WordPress themes (Local Monthly Searches refers to US) -

So how you will be benefited from the above stats or how it can help your website"s SEO? Well, everybody wants to give their website or blog a beautiful look and explore continuously until they are fully satisfied. The WordPress theme that you are going to provide thru us will look like a premium theme but will cost nothing to use as long as the users keep your links in the footer. That would be distributed among several popular theme directories so that the bloggers or searchers can find your theme easily. So every time someone uses your theme in his website or blog you are going to get inbound links.

This is a onetime investment but has long term gains in terms of achieving high quality natural backlinks automatically. So choose from any of our submission and/or design packages below and boost your brand popularity and inbound links naturally.

Turnaround Prices Order
25 WP Theme Submissions
70% Guaranteed Published Links
5 days $29 Add to Cart
50 WP Theme Submissions
70% Guaranteed Published Links
7 days $49 Add to Cart
Custom WP Theme Design & HTML Conversion
(1 unique mock-up theme design, maximum 2 iterations )
7 days $149 Add to Cart

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What is WordPress Theme?

WordPress theme allows users to change the design, functionality of a site that is powered by WordPress CMS. It allows changing the entire look of a website or blog without compromising the existing content or web pages. Themes can be installed or modified very easily using WordPress administrative tools even by a layman. Here is how you can change WordPress Theme easily.

How WordPress theme submissions can help my website/brand?

The footer part of the theme will contain links to your website with your keywords. It may look something like – "Theme Designed by Your Brand Name" or "Theme by Your Company Name – Keyword1" etc. The prime advantage of free WordPress theme distribution is that your website will get enormous number of one-way links whenever someone installs your theme in their blog site. The second thing is that – those links are also likely to be related to the category of your website. For example, if you have a travel related site and you design a theme for travelers, mountaineers, trekkers etc. they are most likely to write fresh travel related content and you will get niche incoming links automatically. Thirdly, if your theme featured in some popular directories like WordPress theme directory (click on any WP theme there and see the download stats) you are likely to get tons of ethical backlinks daily.

What If any user removes my website´s links from the footer section?

It takes quite extensive development knowledge to modify the footer section and change all related functions so that it works properly, and the entire development / HTML conversion process must be repeated to make it fully functional. It would be something similar like coding for a new theme instead. So, people who are looking something quickly and freely – not likely to go for it. You can also take legal actions as we will specify it clearly under the license or terms section that "You are free to use, copy, distribute and transmit or adapt the work as long as you keep the footer links intact. "

Where you will submit my theme?

We will submit your theme to various WordPress theme aggregators and forums where bloggers come to download their required theme for free.

How can I track who are using my theme?

As soon as someone put their blog or website live with your theme or integrate your theme in their blog/website - your website will get incoming links from that domain. You should see those incoming links through Google Webmaster Tools or any other backlink checking tools that you use.

How I need to provide the theme for distributions?

If you already have a WordPress theme that you want us to distribute please use our WordPress Theme Submission Form to provide us the required details. Alternatively, you can ask us to design or modify a theme (will cost just $99 as stated above) – we will make the theme in the required format to proceed with the distributions.

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