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Leveraging the Power of Events in Your SEO Link Building Strategy

Do you often host Events/Meet-Ups, Seminars, conduct Workshops, or speak at Trade Conferences as a part of your brand promotion strategy?

Of course, it’s a smart strategy to build your brand awareness – but do you realize, you are missing out a number of link opportunities each time, you are hosting an event or attending a conference?

Not anymore now! Our ‘Events SEO Links’ package is perfectly designed for small, medium and large size companies, helping them to build links as they Host events/Meet-ups, participate in Conferences, Trade Shows or Seminars.

Not Hosting An Event?

Not to worry – our team will search for specific trending events and write a virtual event on behalf of your company. We will then publish the event content on different Event Publishing Sites which include contextual backlinks to your website.

Get Quality Backlinks With Our Events SEO Link Package

10 Links from the Event Publishing Sites

What We Will Do For You

    ✓ Carry out intensive research for events related to your niche ( real event is preferred)
    ✓ Write 10 unique versions of the content (event) – optimized, engaging and informative.
    ✓ Use Descriptive Keywords on Title and Event Summary for effective optimization.
    ✓ Provide 10 Links From Events Sites.
    ✓ Provide a report with the published links.

Duration - 15 Days


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Hosting events is not just about improving your offline visibility, but it’s one of the most effective ways to Build Links, Build Citations and also News Mentions.

Why You Should Think About Building Links by Hosting Events:

So, let’s get started and help us unleash the immense potential of Events SEO Link Building for you!

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